These are few of our recent Upholstery / Re-upholstery services projects we have undertaken in Liverpool and nearby.


Upholstery Project 1

Please could you give me an idea of cost for recovering 3 bar stools in leather? The stools are currently covered with faux leather and the seat measures 16 x 14 inches and the back measures 9 x 14 inches with a 2 inch depth. Is the leather available in most colours e.g. Purple?

… Kind regards, Dale McGain

Our reply to Dale McGain: £80 faux leather. £150 real leather.

Leather Bar Stool


Upholstery Project 2

I am looking for estimates for refilling seat and back cushons on a sofa. Can you give me a rough estimate for this service. The filling is actually feathers – please see attached photo

… Regards, Dot Hemming

Our reply to Dot Hemming: Hi, backs will be approx. £40 if they are fibre.and seats £70 each for foam replacement. These are approx.depending on sizes. Don’t do feathers better off with fibre it’s cleaner and not as costly.

sofa restoration


Upholstery Project 3


I have just spoken with you.
The first picture is of the conservatory furniture. There are two of these sofas, both requiring 3 cushions and 2 seats recovering in similar fabric colour

… Thanks in advance. Laura

Our reply to Laura: Hi, the conservatory cushions will cost £80 for the seats and £55 for the backs in similar fabric per cover.

Conservatory Sofa



The second photograph is of the only sofa that requires the two back cushions re-filling … Laura

Our reply to Laura: The  leather sofa backs £40 to refill each.

Sofa Restoration


Upholstery Project 4

Can you please let me know how much cash to recover the attached recliner with my material?

… Thanks, Ian Sheppard

Our reply to Ian Sheppard: Hi Ian that’s the bigger chair. £350 in your fabric.



Upholstery Project 5

Hi, thanks for your time on the phone just now. Please see the photos of the sofas I’d like recovering. Dims are 190x 90, 160x 90, 100×90. Im after a crushed velvet type fabric please. Look forward to hearing from you.

… Kind regards, Jo Lamkin

Our reply to Jo Lamkin: Hi, sofa will cost you £650 each and chair £400. in crush dralon.





Upholstery Project 6

Hi, Hope all’s well. I’m emailing to ask about a sofa that needs repairing in Smithdown Road, Wavertree. It’s my Mum’s sofa and it is about 15 years old. The leather seems in good condition still (I’ll let you be the judge) but the stitching has started to come away. She has simply taped it up as a temporary solution. I’ve attached some photos for you to look at. The sofa is a classic style sofa and as she likes that style (and it suits her home) I’d like to have it repaired for her. Are you able to give me a quote please for stitching up the sofa and what you would recommend. Also what your procedure is for undertaking the work.

… Thanks, Sean

Our reply to Sean: Hi, the whole leather has to be taken off from the foam to machine stitch the seams to do it right.the cost for doing this will be £270.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-11-09-09 screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-11-09-20


Upholstery Project 7

I live not too far from you and recently started a project at home – stripping back an old wingback chair to reupholster. It’s currently pretty much all stripped back (in one piece so it can be used as a template) and I already have the fabric I want to use to recover it. The problem is that I’m really struggling to make the time to complete this so I’m now looking for help from the professionals! Are you able to give me a rough ballpark cost on what it’d cost to complete the job? Appreciate you can’t know exactly unless you see the chair but a rough idea would be really helpful. And if we were to proceed and bring the chair in to you this weekend, what sort of turnaround time would we be looking at?

… Many thanks, David

Our reply to David: Hi, depends on size of chair, but could be from £200-£300. January is the earliest.


Upholstery Project 8

Request price for upholstery 2 chairs

… Regards, Ann

Our reply to Ann: Hi Ann, £240 per chair in your fabric. Or £330 in our fabrics.

Ann’s reply to us: Hi Dave, That’s great. How much fabric do you think I need for each chair?

… Regards, Ann

Our reply to Ann: Hi Ann, if your getting plain fabric 10 metres. If stripe or check fabric 13 metres for both.

Ann’s reply to us: Thanks Dave. I’ll order the fabric today and let you know when it arrives … Ann



Upholstery Project 9

Hi Dave.
Please find attached a picture of one of the 10 chairs in the room.
If you could quote for a range fabrics and let me know how long the chairs would be away for that would be great.
To confirm, if we go ahead with this after I have given your quote to my boss for approval, we would need all the work completed and paid for by the end of May which is our financial year end.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks.

… Kind Rgds/David

Our reply to David: Hi real leather £400. Faux leather. £300

David’s reply to us: Would you have a fabric option that may be cheaper? Many thanks for your help.

… Kind Rgds/David

Our reply to David: Hi David. Fabric is the same price as faux leather. It is not the leather or faux leather that makes them costly it is the actual time needed on the chairs .


Upholstery Project 10

Hi how much would it be to cover two salon chairs in just a faux leather black

… Thanks, Katie

Our reply to Kate: Hi, salon chair £180 per chair if we come out to dismantle them. Or 150 if you do yourself.

Innhome Upholstery

Innhome Upholstery