Leather Re-upholstery.

Leather Re-upholstery

Don't spend your money on new furniture - get it fully repaired!

As leather reupholstery specialists we can restore your old, tatty three-piece suite, armchair, antique chair or stool. Whether you have a piece of furniture that looks tired and old, or you just want a complete change, we use our creativity and expertise to transform your cherished items into something special. We always keep its originality at the forefront of our minds.

We also offer a sofa re-colouring and cushion replacement service. A home consultation visit is available for a free, no obligation quote for any work to be carried out. We work with domestic clients, as well as bars and hotels.

Value for money provided in everything we do

Our knowledgeable team can provide you with any advice you require regarding our reupholstery or repair services.

You will love how we transform your furniture back to life, and you will love our competitive prices just as much. Our repair service is also environmentally friendly. We lovingly restore and refurbish your items so you don’t have to throw away your beloved furniture. Contact us today.

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